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Medical Billing Authority is unique because of our proprietary ER-5 FORMULA™. It is a 5-tiered medical billing system designed to help every practice “enhance revenue” within a few months’ time.

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Okay, so it’s 2015 and you may have noticed that typical medical billing services are just not as effective as they used to be for many practices. Results are simply not meeting expectations when it comes to increasing your bottom line.


The fundamental truth is all successful businesses are systems dependent. Dramatic leaps in income start with this realization. The medical billing system Medical Billing Authority implements for our clients is called the ER-5 FORMULA™ and it is unique in our industry because of its comprehensive nature. It’s not just about submitting claims or using new technological techniques. We are quite certain you have never seen medical billing service like this before. No, you’re going to find that the ER-5 FORMULA™ covers basically everything necessary to ensure your practice enhances revenue.

Utilizing this groundbreaking medical billing system, Medical Billing Authority is the only service with the resources to help you make more money, guaranteed.


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