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Would You Like Us To Increase Your Cash Flow In Mere Seconds...For FREE?

A fundamental piece to our proprietary Excellerator is the Eligibility Verification Solution. This medical billing system in and of itself will increase revenue immediately and without any complicated changes to the daily responsibilities of your practice.

    Our Eligibility Verification Solution Will:

    1. Provide the best possible experience for your customer
    2. Function without constant, time-consuming effort on your part
    3. Operate more efficiently so you can maximize medical billing performance and profits
    4. Allow you to spend more time in your practice on more important tasks; not on calling, faxing and online searches

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    You Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket

    Here's Why. The 1st thing we are going to do is personally help you and your staff automate the eligibility verification process. There's no charge for this medical billing service and it only takes about 45-60 minutes to set you up.

    View our Eligiblity Verification Brochure to see how easily this can change your bottom line.

      Our "No Obligation" Opportunity to Enhance Your Revenue Now

      For a limited time, we are offering your practice the opportunity to test drive our Eligibility Verification Solution for FREE. Simply evaluate this medical billing service for 30 days and see how it can help reduce claim rejections, increase patient collections and lower costs.

      This medical billing system is so powerful, we have clients reporting a 75% cost savings over manually verifying coverage.

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