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                                               How to simplify your credentialing process


A medical practitioner may work hard to provide excellent service to his patients. However, unless his credentials are immediately recognized by his patients’ healthcare providers, he can find himself having to wait longer periods to be paid or he can even find himself without payment at all if the claims are rejected. Either way, having a physician on your staff without the proper credentials will negatively impact your income stream.


Credentialing can be time-consuming

The process of becoming properly credentialed can be complicated. Different payers may have different credentialing requirements, and those requirements may be periodically updated or amended.


It’s estimated that it could take a physician as much as 25 hours annually to complete the credentialing forms for just one payer. And the application needs to be submitted as quickly as possible once a physician joins your staff as it can take six to nine months to become properly credentialed. 

And, remember that credentialing has nothing to do with contracting or registration for electronic submission, electronic remittance advices as well as electronic funds trasfer.  While they COULD all be connected, they are all different and vital to the revenue of your practice.


Credentialing just got easier

Few offices have the in-house workforce available to devote to filling out credentialing applications for each physician in a practice, and then repeating that process over and over again for each unique payer. However, Medical Billing Authority has just that—a dedicated credentialing department. MBA handles the complex and time-consuming credentialing process for private practices throughout the United States.


We can do the same for you.


Simplify the lives of all your physicians and office staff while keeping your revenue stream steady. Contact us today and MBA will get all your doctors properly credentialed, and keep them properly credentialed.


 MBA has been in the business of making medical providers lives easier and more profitable since 1992.  We assist medical practices and physicians in increasing their profitability and security while enhancing their independence by offering solutions in practice management, coding, software and billing.  We focus on the regulations and cash flow allowing our clients to focus on patient care.